One-off Services

One-off Services
We become part of your company in the shape of an exports department. If you have already one, we help you boosting your international sales.
Service No. 1
Targeting and sales test
If you are still hesitant about your project and want more certainty about the chances of your products or services in three different markets, this service is what you need.
Service No. 2
Search and field trip
Do you have a clear idea about the market you wish to target? Let us know and we will offer your products or services to potential clients on your behalf. After that, we will arrange a business trip so you can meet in person those who showed interest in your products or services. And, don't worry! We will be by your side at all times.
Service No. 3
Tailor-made Consultancy
Your company has a particular problem in a given market.
The value of these services is from 500€ (vat not included).
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Download our dossier
These 24 pages distill our more than 15 years of experience as exports consultants. 15 years devoted to increasing our clients' sales.
We work in more than 30 countries, opening new markets and boosting your exports.
Countries managed in-house by Oftex:

Francia, Portugal, Bélgica, Alemania, Reino Unido, Suiza, Italia, Brasil, Marruecos, Panamá, Países Bajos, Irlanda, Austria

Countries managed by our partners on the field:

México, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Polonia, Rumanía, Rusia, Nigeria, Japón, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malasia, Singapur, China, Emiratos Árabes, Irán, Perú, Estados Unidos