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Comprehensive Service

Comprehensive Service
We become part of your company in the shape of an exports department. If you have already one, we help you boosting your international sales.
Stage 1
Establishment of the sales team
We do not know your sector as much as you do, but we know how to sell and how to create an efficient team.
Stage 2
Internationalisation Strategy
We create a roadmap that will allow us to smoothly implement your project.
Stage 3
Customer Acquisition
Once we are familiar with your target client's profile, we contact potential clients on your behalf and offer them your products.
Stage 4
Monthly assessment and follow-up
We offer you a multidisciplinary approach thanks to our team of market trends analysts.
The value of this service is a monthly fee from 1,450€ (vat not included), depending on the chosen countries and dedication, plus a flexible sales commission. Without minimum permanence.
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Download our dossier
These 24 pages distill our more than 15 years of experience as exports consultants. 15 years devoted to increasing our clients' sales.
We work in more than 30 countries, opening new markets and boosting your exports.
Countries managed in-house by Oftex:

Francia, Portugal, Bélgica, Alemania, Reino Unido, Suiza, Italia, Brasil, Marruecos, Panamá, Países Bajos, Irlanda, Austria

Countries managed by our partners on the field:

México, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Polonia, Rumanía, Rusia, Nigeria, Japón, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malasia, Singapur, China, Emiratos Árabes, Irán, Perú, Estados Unidos