Exporting to Morocco, what do I need?
Exportar a Marruecos

Morocco, one of the most developed economies in Africa, with political stability and great growth potential, is, today, the subject of study by our Moroccan Senior Export Manager Khalid Taynane.

Exporting to Morocco?

Morocco has more than 36 million inhabitants, where agriculture, industry and, above all, tourism (which contributes more than 50% of the country’s GDP) are the main economic sectors and sources of wealth.

The fact that Spain maintains good relations with Morocco makes it a very attractive export destination.

And beyond exports, you should consider Morocco as a destination to establish business ties also because of its great potential as a supplier of raw materials. Have you ever think about it? It could be the way to make your business grow.

And from Oftex, as export consultants, we would love to help you and make your business grow by exporting and getting partners in Morocco.

What products does Morocco import?

The tastes of Moroccans are gradually becoming more and more westernized and so the opportunities to export to Morocco are increasing in different sectors.

Morocco’s imports include, among others, primary industrial products and semi-finished products, consumer goods, capital goods, food, fuel, animals and plants. In addition, machinery, vehicles and packaging material, for example.

Did you know that the countries that supply the Moroccan market to a greater extent are France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China?

Spanish textile industry in Morocco

Morocco is being the most important destination for Spanish textile exports. We could say that they represent almost 25% of the total of these exports, and the number has grown permanently during the last 7 years. Are you interested in this sector?

Agri-food industry

The agri-food industry contributes about 8% of the national GDP and 35% of the industrial GDP. If this is a sector that interests you, you will find business opportunities, for example, if you manufacture agro-industrial equipment that focuses on processing or automation.

In addition, companies involved in logistics, distribution, packaging and preservation of food products can also see in Morocco a fantastic opportunity to generate business.

Renewable energy in Morocco

Did you know that Morocco is a world reference in the renewable energy sector? The possibilities for Spanish companies are very broad if they are focused on equipment supply and maintenance, as well as technology transfer, engineering, consulting, materials, civil works and eco-efficient equipment.

Exporting textiles and leather to Morocco

Morocco is the number 1 destination for Spanish textile and leather exports. Did you know this fact? It is important to bear in mind that the textile and leather industry is the backbone of the Moroccan industry.

Customs Morocco Spain

About the tariff regime and regulations for exporting to Morocco we would like to encourage you to visit the ICEX website linked here (spanish). Where we can read, among other issues:

“Many of the standards applied by the Moroccan Institute of Standardization (IMANOR), especially in the industrial and agri-food sectors, are very similar to international ones, with minor variations. A new protocol on the import of industrial products has been introduced in February 2020, extending mandatory certification to most industrial products. Shipments will have to be certified by one of the 4 international certification bodies: the Spanish Applus, Bureau Veritas , TÜV and SGS.”

Other curiosities about Morocco

The capital of Morocco is Rabat and it is in Casablanca where we find the largest Moroccan and Maghreb port, the Port of Casablanca.

The oldest university in the world is in the Moroccan city of Fez, it is the University of Al Qarawiyyin, also known as Al-Karaouine or Al-Quaraouiyine, and was founded in 859 by a woman, Fatima al-Fihri, a young princess of Tunisia.
Obviously, this University is considered by Unesco and the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest in the world.

Other customs that are good to know in advance can be: eating with the right hand because the left hand is considered “impure” or for personal hygiene, going barefoot when entering a house and being careful never to refuse a tea because they could be offended; these are small curiosities that are good to know.

Oftex helps you if you want to export to Morocco

We do not want to finish this article without remembering that the number of Spanish companies that choose Morocco to invest and internationalize is growing steadily. From Oftex we can help you to sell more and start exporting to Morocco with our Integral Service (discover it in this link).

Khalid Taynane




Khalid Taynane. Senior Export Manager.

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